Learn about evidenced based nutrition from an Exeter based nutritionist and dietitian. Improve your health and wellbeing and manage your health complaints


Gray's Nutrition applies the latest evidence in nutrition science to provide you with the best service possible and ensure you feel confident and not confused.
Individual Consultations

Ruth can help you learn to manage IBS to give you a better quality of life.
Corporate Packages

In the UK in 2002 16 million lost working days were attributable
to obesity-related illness.
Ask Ruth how she can help you reduce employee-absence today.

Nutrition Workshops

Fun and friendly nutrition workshops allowing you to learn about the latest evidence.
Food diary/Recipe/Menu Analysis

Gray's Nutrition uses the latest food databases to analyse your food diary or recipes and give a detailed breakdown of their nutritional content. Perfect for recipe books and restaurant menus.
Maternity Services

Visit Pod&Pea Nutrition to see how I can help with everything pregnancy and baby related
Individual consultations, group education, corporate wellbeing and recipe analysis